Extended Stay
Stay With Us for a Month, a Year, or Longer

Hidden Harbor has nearly 100 RV spaces, a full third of which are reserved for our long-term residents. You too can live the idyllic life near the Sacramento River.

Hidden Harbor is the quietest and prettiest park in all of Northern California, and we are the only park with a private and secluded harbor.

Catering to folks over fifty; Hidden Harbor is the ideal home for retirees, fisher folks, bird watchers, and just about anyone looking for a laidback and quiet lifestyle in the most beautiful place on the river.

  Extended Stay
Retired? - Have an RV? - Want a serene life on the Sacramento River?   Hidden Harbor may be just the place for you!

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Drop by Hidden Harbor and see our manager for an application and take a tour of our park. Google's Map & Directions - Or Our Detailed Map from I-5 to Hidden Harbor.

Fill out our Extended Stay Application. Your application will be reviewed, and a decision rendered, usually within two to three days of our receipt of your completed application.

A Word About Your Information's Security
The Extended Stay Application page is just a blank form, and does NOT send your information over the Internet. You can simply print the form and fill it by hand, with pencil or pen, or fill it in on your computer's screen then print and send or deliver the completed form to our office. Either way your information will NOT be exposed to anyone. We would prefer you fill out the form on your screen, and then print it, as this improves legibility.

Send or deliver your completed application form to:

Hidden Harbor Marina & RV Park
24680 Hidden Harbor Drive
Los Molinos, CA. 96055

Extended Stay Application

In order to maintain a safe and harmonious environment for our residents we expect all to understand and honor our simple commonsense Rules & Responsibilities.

Hidden Harbor, like many RV parks, has a ten-year-old policy. If your RV is over ten years of age it may be accepted if it's in excellent condition. Please send us an E-Mail with photos attached. Or bring your rig to our park for an evaluation.

Before you come by for a tour, or to show us your rig, please confirm an appointment with us to insure we don't miss you.

Phone: (530) 384-1800 or E-Mail

Hidden Harbor is located between the towns of Los Molinos and Tehama, California. Excellent restaurants and stores nearby makes our little place on earth as close to paradise as one could ever wish for. Virtually no crime; these nearby small towns are a fine and safe place to stroll.

The Road to Hidden Harbor
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