1.   Rates quoted are for two people, one RV, and one vehicle.

2.   Rent & utilities are due on the 1st of the month. Late fee of $25.00 after the 5th. (Unless prior arangment made)
3.   Additional vehicles, people, or pets (dogs), are charged extra per-month.
4.   There is a deposit for use at departure.

5.      Your mailing address must be a P.O. Box.  Not the park address!

You must visit the Los Molinos Post Office and rent a P.O. Box, if you expect to receive mail.
6.   Speed limit is 5 MPH throughout the park. Strictly enforced!
7.   No cigarette butts on the ground. Hidden Harbor is a park, not an ashtray.
8.   Missing water backflow device is $25.00
9.   Maintain proper sewer hookup. Use your holding tanks and dump periodically.
10. Keep vehicles on roadways.
No cutting thru RV sites.
11. Park your vehicle in YOUR SPACE ONLY!   

12. Tenant’s guests or visitors MUST checkin at office & park in visitor parking area only.

13. Improperly parked vehicles may be cited, towed, or recovered downstream.

14. No illegal drugs, drunkenness, or disrespectful behavior towards others.
15. Use of harbor, when available, requires a separate rental agreement.
16. Tenant is responsible for damage to park and its fixtures and/or facilities.
17. Tenant is responsible for the conduct and actions of their guests/visitors.
18. No large carpets on lawn. Small 2-Ft by 3-Ft carpet is acceptable.
19. If dog allowed; poop-scooping is mandatory! Barking dogs will not be tolerated.
20. Dogs must be leashed when outside, and must never be left unattended.
21. Tenant is responsible for all damage or harm done by pet.
22. Hidden Harbor is not responsible
for loss or damage due to theft, flood, vandalism, tree-falls, and/or acts of nature.
23. No auto repairs to be done in park.  No 'hot-roding' or loud exhausts. No vehicle warmups in early mornings.                                        

24. No brandishing or discharge of firearms, bows, pellet/air guns, throwing knives, etc.                                

25. No open fires.  BBQs accepted. No BBQs on park tables, they cause burns and stains.
26. RV & vehicles to be kept clean and in presentable condition at all times.                                                  

27. No permanent tarps.  No blue tarps.  Temporary tarp (If Allowed) must match RV color.
28. Area around RV must be kept clean, uncluttered, and in presentable condition.                                                                                    

29. Tenant is expected to water grass at space. Watering must cease at 12 Noon!                                                                    

30. Be an alert neighbor and report suspicious activity to management.  Get licence plate & discription if possible.
. No tool sheds or storage lockers in RV spaces.
32. RV and tow vehicle must be kept in 'ready-to-roll' condition at all times.
Change of vehicles, phone numbers, email addresses, or residents, must be reported to office promptly.

34. Quiet time is 7 PM in winter, 8 PM fall & spring, 10 PM in summer.                                              

35. Commonsense is expected.  If in doubt about an activity, ask park manager first.   


         The old adage, Better to ask forgiveness than permission, does not apply here!