Free WiFi

Hidden Harbor Marina & RV Park provides Free Wireless Internet
Service to all of our guests.

In your rig
On our beach
Out at a picnic table
Even down at the docks

Our wireless Internet service
covers the entire park

Food - Fuel - Repairs & More
Goods & Services
Near Hidden Harbor RV

Parades - Fairs - Antiques & More
Attractions & Events
Near Hidden Harbor RV

Free High=Speed Wireless Internet
Wireless Internet

Simply drive in and log on.   - No Limits.

SSID:   Hidden Harbor RV

Our directional WiFi antennas are located on a pole near the office. For best Wireless Internet performance, position your notebook computer in a window of your rig that faces our WiFi antennas.

Have a Notebook computer, but no WiFi radio?   Bring it into our office and plug right in to our Internet connection.   Hidden Harbor offers a wired connection to the Internet for our guests that can't connect wirelessly.

Need to check your email, or lookup something online, but your computer is not working - or you forgot to bring it with you?   We have you covered there too!   Hidden Harbor RV has a courtesy computer in our office for our guest's use.

As with all wireless Internet services, some of our site locations have a stronger signal than others.   If you are a heavy Internet user, and wish the best signal possible, ask your hosts for their site recommendations, for sites that have the best wireless coverage.

For a great site that will help you find
nearly everything on the web, try:
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